Monday, July 15, 2013

The Big Post

This is my usual "I am catching up on the blog because I am like a millions days behind."  BUT I like to think of this as more of a scrapbook than a daily diary (although I rocked a diary as an adolescent).  Looking back this summer I quickly realized that my daughter has NO memories on this blog other than a few early pictures when she had absolutely NO hair.  Now she has SOME hair so I want to document it.  Really I just want to update the family happenings.  Thanks to blogging friends I have found how to schedule blog posts and will be posting from this date back to AUGUST of 2012.  Hey it's getting done & I can live with that!  Sorry family scattered across MO/AR/AL/MS that was enjoying the milestones of our children.  Amazing things happened;0)'s just ingrained in our minds....until now.  By the way- this is my 100th post! Whoo hoo:0)

So last week we did this….
A little playing around the house.

Every.Single.Time.We.Go.To.Walmart. We take a picture just like this. 

Before Church…

Playing around the house in our masks and socks…

John Parker got his cast off so before we left for the doctor he did the happy dance!  This could be my all time favorite set of pictures!

The day we got the cast off…this one got sick with the same virus that John Parker had while on vacation.  It made her SUPER grumpy.  Greg was out of town so it made for an interesting week.  He was missed!  The photos show her rollercoaster of emotions Monday-Friday of last week.
Fall 2012-July 2013 842Fall 2012-July 2013 843Fall 2012-July 2013 844Fall 2012-July 2013 845Fall 2012-July 2013 846Fall 2012-July 2013 847

John Parker took swim lessons and did great! He is swimming like a fish.
Fall 2012-July 2013 849

I finally figured out what would make a sick baby happy so the car came in.
Fall 2012-July 2013 853

To sum up our Monday of this week…
Fall 2012-July 2013 854Fall 2012-July 2013 858Fall 2012-July 2013 859Fall 2012-July 2013 860Fall 2012-July 2013 861

Writing our name practice was put on hold because of the cast so we started again today.  We have some work to do.  A bit of regression!  But he did great verbalizing how to spell his super long name!
Fall 2012-July 2013 862

Showing off his new pair of wranglersWinking smile that his Big Pa got him.
Fall 2012-July 2013 863

Here is to a good start.  364 posts to go!

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